Writer’s Delimma: To quit or to stay

It is the question which is faced by every writer : the eternal dilemma that he wanted to stay to his art or have to pay rent and buy food.

The conventional wisdom today is that every author—and especially those who are self-published author— needs a strong social media presence.Not that long ago, if you decided to write something — an essay, perhaps, or a piece of fiction — your choices on what to do with it were fairly limited. If you knew someone at a specific publication, you could try to convince them to run it, or you could post it on your blog. Now, when the  choices have expanded dramatically: you could send it to the Huffington Post, or to Forbes, or to LinkedIn, or post it on your Facebookpage or blog, or use any one of a number of other new platforms like Medium, which has been gaining a lot of momentum lately.

Why is there so much stigma towards quitting? Because quitting is hard and scary. It involves giving up on an option without knowing there is a satisfactory backfill. Quitting requires overcoming the malaise of status quo, and unhappiness. You have to fight friction and inertia.. Quitting is breaking out of the cycle which requires facing yourself, being brutally honest, admitting that something isn’t working out, deciding to change, and veering off course into the unknown.

The Anatomy of a Quit:

  1. Overcome inertia.
  2. Be honest with yourself.
  3. Assess your risk: Is the present so bad that I can give it up for an uncertain alternative?
  4. Make a decision to stay on course.

The canon of Quitting:

  1. Nothing lasts forever.
  2. The status quo is so unbearable that you have to do something.
  3. Quitting is a philosophy and a lifestyle. Knowing when to quit is just as important as knowing when to persevere.
  4. All new beginnings come from quitting something.

So how do you solve this dilemma? How can you choose between your art and paying the bills?

Do both. It is not necessary that you have to choose one of them. You can easily pursue art and passion and at the same time you can make money. In the words of Philip Shephe “The world is calling you to come play, to come risk, to let your heart burn with a passion that will make sense of your life.  The world will speak to you as intimately as your mother did when you were a child, if you can allow the body to teach you its different way of listening.”:


Use your creativity and imagination whenever possible to make even small tasks seem fun. It will help maintain your self-respect and confidence. This can be a lifesaver in creative fields, where one is always looking to others for praise and approval in order to make a living.

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