How to Write Horror Scene Creation Novel

Before starting, let me tell you some of the broad ways that help in creation of any scene in your novel, from a breath choking horror to heart warming romance. Read the books of genre that you are writing on. Read as many books as you can. This will be the best help that can improve your writing and make your scene more intense and real. Reading books not only helps you in writing but get you more ideas and ways in which a particular scene can be written in. Our mind process more new and innovative ideas when we read. So, above all tip is the tip to read books.


Creating a horror scene is tough. A slight mistake can transform your suspense and intense scene into a humorous one. From the use of adjectives to the accurate time of opening the suspense, everything must be bang on and on time. Now, a misconception is that dragging a scene makes it better but actually it will kill the scene. Let us see some more misconceptions and how actually a horror scene must be written.


  • Highlight words that create fear- Petrified, horrified, aghast, horror-stuck, witless, panic-stricken etc are the words that spruce up your scene. Adjectives are meant to describe a situation better. To make a situation real and make your readers lost and engross in your story you need to be very selective in choosing words. Choose those words that can describe situation better. For example, She was horrified is one way of writing. Other way may be, She was sweating and quivering and her knees were knocked. Second way describes that she was horrified in a much better way.


  • Elevate the suspense- You know what is deadliest fear in the world? Fear of unknown. Create some suspense before revealing the devil. Suspense, if handled correctly, is the best part of an horror story. Do not over drag it. Do not go on adding adjectives and making the scene extend like Indian daily soaps. Suspense is the key ingredient of horror. It can spruce your story up but at the same time it can kill it badly too.


  • Sentence formation- Be very attentive while sentence formation. Try various ways in which you can describe a particular scene and pick the best one. Always remember that you are not telling a story rather you are showing it. Show that characters are horrified. For example, show very lightly and casually that character’s mom is calling her from downstairs and as soon as she reached the stairs to go downstairs, her mom pulls her back and says, “I heard that voice too.” This is just a casual example you can write far better than this.


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