Our World- An illuminating guide to knowledge and wisdom

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“Our world” by Anita Gupta is a collection of important facts and ideas that illuminate us with the
wonders of the world and inform how our world is unique in different ways. From detailed
description of ancient history to awards and honors to geographical information about oceans
and continents, this book presents a detailed account of various facets of our world.

“Our World” is a perfect guide to anyone who wants to learn more about the world, its wonders,
its people and its versatility. The book touches various topics of interest like inventions and
discoveries, the Government system in India, religious systems, international organizations, and
many other aspects. And, although, the book contains various topics of interest, the book does
not create information overload in the mind of the reader.

The book is particularly helpful to children who want to explore and learn about the world and
understand it better. Not only children but students preparing for competitive examinations can
also benefit a lot reading from this book. Being presented in a lucid manner, the book clears
many concepts of critical importance related not only to history and geography but science and
technology too. One gets a clear idea about how things are moving in the world and how things
have changed over the years.

In short, “Our World” is a perfect general knowledge book that enhances our knowledge about
the world and make us more wise and intelligent.