Why do you need to do format editing of your eBook?

About 10 years from now, there were only traditional publishing houses who were selling the

books of the authors and authors had to grant the exclusive rights to the company they choose

to sell their books. But, with the change in time everything has transformed itself very quickly

i.e. from publishing house to e- books.

Today self publishing market has become the new tool for the distribution of the books where

authors have the control over their work and can easily access what they have earned.

However, as the digital publishing is still evolving, there is no single eBook format which is

suitable for all the digital readers across the world, so it is the important reason to do format

editing of your ebook.


Some Question you must consider Before Digitally Publish your Book

No doubt today the eBooks are very famous and popular, but you must consider these

questions before you digitally publish your book

1) What is the preference of your target readers- whether they will go for print book or the

digital available book.

2) Is your book easy to understand by the people? Always make sure that you are able to

convey your ideas, thoughts in the best possible way.

3) Can you easily reach the readers online? If the answer is “no” then you have to do more


Lastly, in today’s time the author must have an blog, website to attract more and more

readers, so that the book gets the overwhelming response from the public.

What is Format Editing?

While publishing your book online you have to do through the process for editing and

formatting of our ebook. In the editing process, you have to give the manuscript to the website

like onlinegatha where the editor will be assigned to your book for making changes .Further,

you are free to accept or reject the changes made by the editor.

Formatting becomes important as different website supports different versions and the

formatting will attract more readers and you will be able to look the book as you want it to be.

Need Of Format Editing

The format editing have become important as mobi is the software that is supported by kindle

and in other places like Amazon you can upload the pdf, doc version of the book. Now both the

versions are very different from each other. If you convert the book by programming software

which is available online, it may look messy and it may not convert the proper ideas to the


So, format editing if done through some experts or book publishing company, they will read

your whole document and format it accordingly.

The format editing of your book is very important to make your book look the same as you

wanted to be, as you have spent hard work and time for writing the book.


Format Editing is always proves beneficial when it comes to online publishing your book.