Top 10 Best Poetry Collections of the Era

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Poetry is a genre that is on its verge of fading away. Today’s generation can savour and appreciate the songs, gazals, shayaris etc. but would not acknowledge a poetry collection. When it comes to reading a poetry book, fewer are interested in spending their time and money in it. The most evident proof of it can be seen in any book fair or book stall, a gamut of people can be seen buying fairy tales, fiction novels, story books, romantic tales and even autobiographies while the poetry books lie waiting for there one or two lovers to buy them.

Amidst all these, we still have dexterous poet with us who are inspired by the talented and blessed heads of the past. It is amazing to notice that even though there is lack of enthusiasm among the readers but there still are a gamut of emerging poets.

Not only in India but many self-publishing companies in USA welcome poets from across the world to publish their book. As a tribute to the poets who have inspired the world with their poetries and literature, we hereby are compiling the best poetry books in Lucknow and all over the world to inspire the aspiring poets.

  1. Sonnets by William Shakespeare:


When it comes to dexterous ways of writing, the name of William Shakespeare in itself is more than enough. The name neither needs an introduction nor does it needs any appreciation. From childhood we have heard his name and inside every writer is a inspirational light provoked by Shakespeare. His way of writing and defining things has not found any match till date. No doubt that every writer has his own unique way of writing but touching the heights that Shakespeare roistered in the boisterous world of writing, is a dream of all.


  1. Paradise Lost by John Milton:


John Milton has the talent of wrenching the language around, besides maintaining its sonority and memorable cadences. The ambition of the poet in the Paradise Lost was breath-taking and so was the fact that was portrayed and delivered. The awe inspiring poet and writer has set his own bench mark and level that is now dreams of a gamut of dexterous hands.


  1. Lyrical Ballads by William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge:



Lyrical ballad is a book that goes without saying when best poetry are taken into glance. The collaboration of William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge was set to change the poetry style. Over-fussy, elaborate and classical references seems out of place in front of the straightforward tales and observations of Lyrical ballads. Another idiosyncrasy of Wordsworth is the easiness and tranquility with which he portrays the facts and thoughts in his poems. This is the sole reason why William Wordsworth is the reason behind the career of many poets.


  1. Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman:



An example and ideal of proving his worth and identity with his hard work, zest and enthusiasm of being at par from the world is Walt Whitman. In the ocean of hurdles and obstacles, all he knew and remembered was to keep up the high spirit of doing what he was best at. It took a while for the nation to realize his worth, exuberant and frank outpourings but today the name in itself is an introduction and achievement.


  1. The Waste Land by TS Eliot:


A personal pain that portrays the wreck that Europe was after the Great War, changed the world of poetry one for all. The task was accomplished by none other than TS Eliot, a poet who broke the barrier and constrained and given a completely new perspective to write and read a poem. Ideal of many, TS Eliot had styles, references and voices that pointed the cultural problem of Europe in mishmash manner.


  1. Dart by Alice Oswald



Tracing the path of the river from Dartmoor to Dartmouth and steeped in the voices of those people whose lives are associated with it. The essence of the poem and the way of portraying it can draw anyone’s attention and emotions towards the ciaos and suffering of the poet wanted to confer. Alice’s way of portraying emotions is something all aspiring writers want to acquire.


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