Tips to seduce a reader from your writing

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Creating seducible moments not just only means embroiling readers in the erotic scene of your novel but it also means that your novel seduces the mind of your reader. How do you actually connect with your reader? Reading is an intimate thing for most of the readers and learning how to seduce your readers is a must know task before embarking on any writing journey. Here are a few tips on honing your writing skills and striking that chord in your reader’s mind-

  1. There should be the sense of attractiveness between you and the reader. To develop kinship with the people your writing should be the way like the two best friends are having very interesting conversation.
  1. Use the most striking readers quotient “you quotient” in your writing, it will truly engage you readers. Start writing in conversational style, in this way the readers will connect themselves closely to your writing. They will feel like that they have been invited for some chat over a coffee.
  1. In the wish to win the Grammy award for best man with vocabularies, don’t complicate your writing with difficult words. Replace jargons, tough words with simple words so that it doesn’t make your readers feel an indie in the literary world.
  1. The magic of seduction can be achieved by your writing magic words which should chime with the mind of reader, make them feel relax and restful. Be playful with your writing, it should humorous and add funny moments midways.
  1. Remember a tickle of laughter in your writing can help you to gain more trust of the readers into your writing. Now that you have seduced reader’s mind, entice their heart. Paint a picture of happy future in the reader’s heart. Books are like the guide to the pursuit of happiness.
  1. The best thing about books is that you can travel to many places without going there. So the best deal to make the readers happy is by taking them on good vacation via your book. The vacation destination should be a perfect cocktail of fun, music, sunsets, beaches, good food, etc. intriguing the readers to like your work. Appeal to all the senses of your readers, as brain process sensory words powerfully than ordinary.
  1. Your passion is writing, so write such books which fire up the minds of your readers and they end up changing their mood to positive. Flirt with the heart of the readers; bring them the roses, chocolates and other unexpected gifts in between chapters, take them on a date on a romantic evening and kiss them with your words, they would be seduced by your writing definitely.

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