Tips to come up with interesting character names for your book

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An author, writer puts in lot of efforts to make, recreate the right story that would be liked or loved by readers, it is equally important for him to name the protagonist and antagonist of the story that would his/her character and personality because you cannot name a villain “Lord Noaah” as this doesn’t goes with the person’s trait and the readers won’t be able to connect with them. Also, the readership has grown tremendously well thanks to ebook-publishers which are available other than book publishers and self publisher. Therefore, the onus on the writer has increased tremendously to be able to deliver a fruitful story which is a complete platter of the written amount of spices and salt etc. for a balanced diet.

But how do we name them? The question still persists, here are some tips;

  1. According to the character traits

The name shall always be something that delivers to the reader straight away what the person is like and if he is the hero or the villain etc.

  1. Friends, Family and Foes

Well, to invent and innovate a name is difficult but you can always take help of family and acquaintances and friends and name your characters on them but be careful as you don’t mix their character traits as well. You’re just naming them and not portraying them per se.

  1. Fictional Characters/ Movies

How difficult is it to guess that the name “Raj” is for a hero who is romantic and sweet and every girl’s desire and the notion for Raj has been gathered from movies. Therefore, it is easy to name your story character on some fictional character to which people can relate. A magician called “Gini” is all that you need to deliver to the readers that he plays with magic.

  1. Don’t keep them common

Just don’t be a regular writer and give them common name like naming a villain as Devil, Demon as that is out dated. Names like Ethan for christinas etc. is so predictable. Be innovative and yet so trendy.

  1. Don’t put “S” in the end/ Don’t have names with same sounds

Having an “S” at the end of the name makes it difficult and ugly when you have to use possessive of the person, for example, Tapas is a nice name but Tapas’ or Tapas’s just doesn’t sound well. Also, two characters with similar names or names with same pronunciation confuses the readers and they end up tangling the story, like Meera and Meeta. Though there’s a slight difference but why take the risk.

A story and it’s characters are equally important for a book to be published and bought. Publishing houses and book publishers are generally particular of what you write, now that the trend has changed the ebook publisher are equally bothered unless you’re a self publisher. Be Careful what you writing and how you name them.