The Thoughts of An Unexpressed Soul

, Poems

Oh little tiny soul

Why do you expect

Why do you put others ahead of you

You know all,

You need no one to teach you

You are there for you

protect  yourself!

From the lust and hate

Fake and betrayed.

Learn to avoid again

Forget and be free.

The life is awaiting you

The colours are awaiting you

Embrace all

Embrace love

Sing the song

Of the colours

Blue green and wine

Cherishing the tale

Which is fun and fine

All is good

All will come

If it is yours

Love; the way

Respect the grey

And the blossom will be yours

Oh! Little tiny soul

You haven’t learnt to stop

You have miles to go

Miles to go before the break

Heavens to achieve before the sleep

Let the ties break

Let the heart ponder

Let the mind regain

Trust, zest and confidence

To achieve what’s yours

You go

For the decision you made.