The happiness achieved through Self-publishing

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There are many famous self-published authors who got rejected by the traditional publishers. JK Rowling, the writer of the famous Harry Potter series was not an exception as well. Not once but thrice she has to go under the same throbbing pain. Her writings were no more than a trash according to the traditional publishers.

Today, the JK Rowling is famous and known for creating Harry Potter. The success of the story is so great that not only the book but film also did so well. Similar is the story of many more writers and authors, who were not at par in their work according to traditional publishing houses but got success which not everyone get to taste.

With more capable authors and writers budding and so many platform to get published, traditional publishing has become a taboo. The success comes to those who have hunger of it. If you have the confidence in you, have the eagerness to succeed and you never hesitate to pay the hard work it requires. Sooner or later, success is bound to come after you. There is no hard work that remains unpaid.

E.L. James got her fame through self-publishing. The famous trilogy of Fifty Shades became the recognition symbol of the young author. Fifty Shades of Grey got the success which many traditional publishing houses failed to provide to their authors.

The initial facilities which are provided by the traditional publishers allure writers towards them. In the light of the token money and promise of sale of thousand copies are more than enough to win the heart of the writer.

But eventually, when the shade vanishes and sunshine falls, reality shows up. After those thousand copies, the book remains the part of the history. The cherry on the top is all the major rights of the book is reserved with the publisher.

So, basically it means that it is your house, build by your money and your dreams, you were taking care of it day and night for so long and now a stranger claims his right over the house. The saddest part is that you agreed and gave the rights of your dream house to the stranger.

The condition isn’t that worse as the world is blessed with self-publishers. From the cover to the text, you have the right for everything. From tip to toe, you are the master of your piece of writing.

Do not get taken by the alluring figures, embrace the new change of the market and decide the best for your creation.