When the Soul Tears Apart

, Poems

When the situation changes
And friendship takes a new turn
But you miss the golden days
When things were unsaid

Unsaid things had meaning hidden
Both of us knew but none use to speak
That was not the clash of ego
That was sweet little start of a journey

Little did I know that this will also be a phase of it
I confess the fear which resided all this while
I never trusted my luck and destiny
And I doubted if it will make you mine

We came closer, might be more than required
The reason was the eternal love
That resides in me for you
And probably it had a place within you too

I remember the hug which gave you shiver
Little did you know how much it calmed me down
And I remember the canoodles too
Which were the treasures of my emotions

I know you, I know your strengths
I know me too and my ends
Probably I should have stayed away
As I was aware of the corollary

Your path is different
But I never expected this indifferent attitude
Your intentions were right, for sure
And that makes me miss you more

But I know we are not one for each other
Not when you hugged me over skype
Not when in future I will rise high
Even not when my soul will say goodbye

I confessed my love to you knowing the revert
The guts in me was far more than the fear in you
I just hope and pray the best for you
As I accept the end of our amour