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We had been campaigning for the years to make the understanding spiral up that how to get #Ebook published free and how to become self publisher free in India, and hope it has made some place in your mind. We don’t emphasize it lot owing some personnel financial or any other kind of beneficiary but we have our pledge to promote the. Authors and Writers in our country without making them involved in any such issue which could hamper their headings up and we also got an important Motto that Indian authors must be vogue in the world that is why we choose the means of internet to do this with our well skilled IT technocrats who has their Great contribution to make you #selfpublisher.  It was in our observation that there are thousands of skills and talents in our country which get their almost life past having their identity oblivion to those who can respond and promote them well from the various point of views that could be recognition or financial, more over and most imperatively once again we like you convince you that we don’t charge for these at all, you just have to make a simple free registration on our website to have your access area on our website there you will be able to write, compose, share, like comment and everything you are used to of in other social networking site, doing this will let you have maximum scope of being read and called to you globally , you can also get your #EBook published from our side for free in case you got any demand from readers and eventually you became the self Publisher for your Book even you did not move from you chair an inch, we also kept the perspective to make our authors financially strong and stronger by providing the royalty of 85% for every book ordered online of yours. So a question got birth… what are you thinking and wandering about when you are getting everything free without spending a single penny from your pocket and this is what which never has been provided by any other means or company but we are here to make you self publisher having your free #Ebook published In India.