Ruskin Bond Books absolutely loved by Nature lovers

Ruskin Bond was the writer who was loved by people of all ages. He wrote many short stories

for the small children and many other novels. He wrote his first novel when he was just 17 year

old. His many books were taken as the story in movies and he received many acclaimed prizes.

Further, there are many book publishing company which are publishing his books and these

books are easily available online and in the market at the affordable prices. Also, there are

many Ebook publisher who are uploading his novels on their websites such as www. and from there it can be downloaded easily.

The books which are written by him and are loved by the nature lovers are:

1) When A River Runs Wild:  In this he has beautifully covered the nature face like the

river, the island and the wrath that monsoon bring with it. He also covered that how

sometime the river become hazardous and who are the people who have to bear the

cost for it.

2) The Room on the Roof & Vagrants in the Valley: It was Ruskin Bond first novel which

he wrote during adolescent years. The book talks about the gangly and the adolescent

hero and valleys in Dehradun.

3) Cherry Tree: It was the poem written by him in which he magnificently tells that what

happens to a cherry tree which he planted eight year ago and how nature make the

plant survive against all odds.

4) The Book Of Nature: This book talks about leopards going down the alleys of Mussoorie

after nightfall and the first monsoon rain that brings about with it the whiff of fresh life.

The Book of Nature talks about the author’s life in a village, the serenity of his calm

surroundings and the passion in his soul. This book became quiet popular and is

published by many book publishing company.

5) Rain in the mountains: It is the semi autobiography which is based on authors life in

Mussoorie. He beautifully pens down his observation on greenery, mountains and

weather he enjoys in the city.

6) Roads To Mussoorie: Roads to Mussoorie is a novel in which the writer has turned his

experiences at the serene Mussoorie into stories. He effortless put his sense of humour

into writing about various incidents, including ghosts, the mail delivery system in the

olden days, and many other everyday anecdotes. This novel can be easily be

downloaded or ordered online from eBook publisher by paying some cost to them. You

can also find this novel on www.onlinegatha .com

There are many self publishing houses which are publishing the work done by Ruskin Bond and

all the work done by him bring the readers close to nature. As, in all his writing he beautifully

penned down the beauty of the nature. Further, all the works of Ruskin bond are easy to

understand. Lastly, Bonds fondness of Mussoorie and Dehradun are reflected in many of his