Rising With The Rising Sun

The framework of curious club illustrates the story book series for overall development of children based on four key messages, viz., humanity, nature, innovative thinking and teamwork.

Mr. Fredric Cruz says that now a days children has more curious mind than ever before and sees them as potential innovators. Therefore, he decides to write a book about children’s’ curious mind.

 Curious Club The Rising Sun

Curious Club The Rising Sun


While talking about his venture named as ‘The child city edutainment and curious club’, which creates content for kids of age group of 6-12 years. The vast variety of content offers the stories and articles, through which we could stimulates kids’ imagination, develop literary skills, build early reading habits and fill the child’s mind with knowledge. He further says that our purpose to open this organization is to let the children enjoy wonderful world of learning and exploration through our e-magazine, stories and activity books.

The books of ‘the child city’ are special as they not only brief stories but also give inspirational information in form of short stories of people who made name. Other than this the vocabulary section of the book help enhance the word power of a child.

The rising sun is a story to demonstrate how to accept and overcome challenges confidently. It teaches to gain a positive outlook towards any disability and courage to continue to try and succeed.

In order to give live example of what the story says records and discoveries section talks about Braille system and Sign languages. This is followed by Inspiration section that has stories of people who succeeded overcoming all the hurdles. The Braille system is a way of writing things. It is a named after Louis Braille, who is its French inventor. The system is used by blind people to read and write. And the sign languages used primarily by the deaf and others such as people who can hear, but cannot speak or have trouble with spoken languages due to some other disability.