Reasons why having an ISBN code can boost your books sale


ISBN is the International Standard Book Number which is assigned to each book and it is the standard way to identify the books if you are selling the books through bookstores and libraries.

It is the 13 digit number used calculating the specific mathematical formula and is divided into 4 parts of variable length and each part is separated by hyphen.

Purpose of the code

ISBN is the code that is used by bookseller, publisher, and libraries for listing, ordering and stock control. It enables them to identify the publisher, allows the publisher to identify the edition and then print the edition in the specific format.

So, it makes the work of all of them very easy and inexpensive. As they need to reprint only those books which are in great demand in the market.

Reasons To buy ISBN Code

Buying the ISBN code becomes important because of the following reasons:

  • As it is the unique international identifier code for the publication, so assigning the code replaces the handling of long descriptive records. This saves lot of time and also the copying mistakes are avoided.
  • The code the compilation and updating of the book trade directories and databases and all these information can easily be found.
  • The books can easily be ordered and distributed by using the ISBN code which the fast and efficient method.
  • The most important advantage to buy the ISBN code is that it accumulates the sales data, so comparison can easily be done for different editions and subjects.
  • Lastly, in some countries lending rights is based on ISBN code only. This schemes helps authors to receive the payment proportionate to the number of books which to lent by them to public libraries.

 Search Is Easy When Done Using ISBN code

The code proves very helpful when you are looking for specific book. Moreover, each book has different code for the soft cover and for the hard cover edition. The code varies from country to country.

Further, the popular book which has been reprinted numerous times over the years will have different codes. So, if you know correct ISBN code the search of the book becomes quite easy and helpful.

Importance Of The Code

The code is required when you have to sell your book through major bookselling chains or through the internet book sellers as they require the ISBN code for their ordering and processing system. But, if you wish to sell your book through kindle, flip kart, Amazon in that case ISBN is not necessary.

So, before selling the book, it is you who have to decide the channel and check their requirements for selling the books. So, it can be said that this code is the additional tool that could help you to sales up your publication.


It can be said that ISBN code becomes necessary as your book gets the number which can easily be searched on the internet and can easily be ordered using the code.