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onlinegatha feedback by divya mathur

OnlineGatha feedback by Divya Mathur

OnlineGatha is grateful to all it’s visitors and readers, without the supports of yours it would not have been possible for us to get such a big crowd over our websites making healthier environment with all precious Authors and Writers. It has been years that we are campaigning our OnlineGatha portal on internet as medium to get your eBook Publish and become a self publisher, eventually we are spiral up in our aim now we have many recognized authors and poets on our website who themselves publish their eBook Online, the Great matter of felicitation is that non of our author spend a single penny to get all these done rather OnlineGatha pay them 85% of the total amount from the eBook sold online.We have vibrated the static charge moving like current in the form of your thoughts on internet, So there is the maximum scope and probability of your books to be read and bought all over the Globe as we have good ranking over google search. This Ad is in no means in favour of our concern but this is to only promote our Authors and to Declutter the Monopoly of the Publishers who use to charge much. OnlineGatha offers free online registration on our website, without having any charges oblivion to you, just follow the simple steps of registration and become authorized to Get your eBook publish and thus you would be self publisher. OnlineGatha always emphasized and still urge you to not wander around the publisher be Self eBook Publisher , Earn the full you deserve and let the people know Who You are..