Need help to send manuscript to the Publishers?

This is not the first time this question had been pushed, the reason is quite simple since every author had been a part of this delima or is a part of it . As an author you write your book, it’s your dream to be published as a book by one of the leading book publishers but who it seems you have not done your homework on submitting your book to the book publishing companies.

Here are some of the important tips to remember before submitting your manuscript:

1) Research at your own:

Before submitting your book to a book publishing company do make some searches regarding the genre of the book and the sub genre. You need to be very clear in terms of genre specifications and it’s very important that you properly inherit these part into your manuscript submissions.

2) Search for sales pitch for your book :

You should make a great sales pitch before pitching your book to the publishing agent or book publishing companies, if you think writing a book will get it the publishers you are absolutely on the wrong path, publishers generally are least interested in something which they think is not going to be sold a lot , so your manuscript submissions should clearly mark that sales pitch to attract the agents and publishers.

3) Providing a brief book overview:

As an author you should be smart enough to reconcile all the book in a matter of 2 pages in a way that the agents or the publishers can actually know what your manuscript is actually all about, no one is actually interested in reading your script until its of their interest so be smart enough to keep something creative and innovative in overview to attract the publishers rather them boring them by your the overview style.

4) Provide a biography:

This is one of the portion which covers all about you , your profile , the way you have been moving in the life until know , what are your future plans , what are you up to and how you come finally exploded into writing this book. Everything should be prescribed starting from the point of your academics to your social behavior in the environment.

5) Choose your publishing criteria :

If you are one of the updated author, then please be brave enough to Google your searches easily you will be able to find a lot of suitable options for your book publishing. Nowadays you can find a lot of publishers by directly searching them with keywords like “online self book publishers in India , eBook publishers in India ,Book publishing company , book publishing packages , free eBook publisher India , self publishing company” .

If you re looking to approach to the traditional publishers like penguin ,rajkamalprakashans then you need to find a suitable agent to pitch your manuscript to them , because they generally do not have time to meet every author and then talk to them , for screening the authors in a first step they had marked agents who basically act as the catalyst in the process of publishing.