The much awaited interaction

, OG Writings

In today’s era, it is important to engage your readers and target audience with something new. With so many emerging and budding authors and writers, it is very easy to be forgotten if the audience isn’t engaged. Social media, though plays a very important role in it but the face-to-face interaction can’t be ignored as well.

Digitalization helped in connecting people and keeping the fans and the authors close. But nothing can take away the craze of face-to-face interactions. Book fairs give an opportunity to the authors to have face-to-face interactions with their fans. At Onlinegatha, we are making it even easier for the fans and the authors to meet each other. We arrange a meet and greet session at our stall in the fairs where a fan can meet his/her loving author and can even have an author signed copy for him/her.

These sessions change the complete aura of the environment. Even a self-published author get a chance to be famous like any other traditionally published author. Also, the interactions between the author and the fans spruce up the confidence of both of them.

On one hand, it boosts and encourages the author to write more, it also fills the fans and the readers with the joy of meeting with their role model. It even builds the relationship between the author and the fans, stronger.

At Onlinegatha, we always aim to bring the authors and readers together at a platform besides providing the best services to our authors and the best books to our readers. Onlinegatha is a world, where readers and authors from all over the world meet. We aim to provide the best editing, typing, proofreading, marketing and promotional services to our author. From Amazon to Flipkart, ebay to Shopclues, Goodreads to Ingram, we publish the books on all the portals. This makes the accessibility to the book easier for the readers across the world.