Learn to be a Salesman by a salesman

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  1. Please provide a brief overview of your book:
    Ans. ‘TYPICAL TALE OF AN INDIAN SALESMAN’ is a professional biography, of a young ‘salesman’ who is not professionally qualified. Yet, he decides to work as a ‘Corporate Salesman.’ He has the limited arsenal in his quiver. To fight this ever demanding career. Still, he comes out victorious. Only because of his brute and enduring struggle. The book vividly describes the challenges that he comes across as a salesman. Every aspect of a salesman’s job is covered by the book, in a very practical manner—and it is from a salesman to salesman. The book is a tribute to his fraternity.
  2. Why you wrote on this topic and what is your inspiration for writing?
    Ans. Shoppers are generally not aware of the struggle a salesman undertakes. In bringing about even a packet of salt to their doorstep market. They are also not aware of the challenging conditions in which he works. Much has been written about professionals in other careers but not about a salesman. So, I thought of doing a book on him to bridge the gap.
  3. What is your life’s philosophy?
    Ans. There is only one life and many things to do. But within that. Never lose focus of what you
    passionately want to do.
  4. What was the most challenging part of your journey as an author?
    Ans. My first book ‘GLOOM BEHIND THE SMILE’ was the most challenging part of my journey as an author. I had just lost my younger son Shravan then. He had brain cancer. This was when I had also started writing his pain-stricken story. So there was a deep flooding of emotions. That stopped me from writing, each time I sat to fill pages.
  1. How was your experience with your Onlinegatha?
    My experience with Onlinegatha hitherto has been very good. In them, I found a competent team to handle both marketing and publication work. It was enjoyable to work with them. They appear to be people with a long-term vision
  2. What was the most challenging part as an author?
    To decide what to write is the most challenging task. And also it is first few chapters. For it is very difficult to visualize what the readers would like to read as compared to what you would like to write for them.
  3. How did you overcome those challenges?
    I started with a real-life story. Followed by a fiction on ‘Singlehood’ that affected many lives followed by another fiction in my hometown. So it all fell in line.
  4. Have you ever faced writer’s block?
    Not yet. On the contrary, I always had one or two themes up my sleeves for writing, before I completed my current book.
  5. If yes, how did you overcome it?
    Never experienced writer’s block so Not required to be answered
  6. Share any one habit which you think makes you more productive 
    Getting up early in the morning gives me a lot of tailwinds to think and even write without any disturbance.
  7. Share any one habit which you wish to change in yourself
    I need to de-clutter my mind at regular intervals in order to make space for fresh thoughts.
  8. One tip you want to give the beginners of the writing area
    If you’re not emotional or passionate about what you intend writing. It might just turn out to be a superficial book.
  9. Share one of the best memories while writing this book
    Once, while I was posted in Chennai. I was fired quite intensely by my Vice President, for fall in the market share of our brand of tractors. I felt extremely morose that day. Thinking, why am I here? So far off from home, working so hard … only to be fired? Of course, some months later we did retrieve the market share and even became market leaders. But that very day. I had thought. Someday, I would certainly write a book on the hardships that a salesman face while working under adverse conditions away from his home.
  10. What will be your next concept?
    Really can’t say
  11. What are your top three getaway destinations?
    Mahindra holiday destinations.
  12. Share a quote that inspires you the most
    This is from my book: In life ‘No matter how bad things are a few things will always go right, and no matter how good things are a few things will always go wrong. This is how life balances and teaches you. There is always a way out in any situation.’