Know the procedure of self publishing in India

As an author, you should know the process of self publishing a book, then you can discover some new ideas of book publishing, in given below lines, Process of publishing a book is defined by the depth to earth.

Self Publishing Tips

Self Publishing company in India

Self publishing is basically the process in which author & writers publish their book by own self or they can hire an online book publishing company in India. On the way of self publishing, it depend on author what they want such as print & digital format

Self publishing strategy has many pros and cons such as:


  • you are the owner of your publishing
  • You are free to choose content & genre of your topic
  • Selection of Book covers design in your hand
  • Ratio of royalty always grow


  • lack of professional editors and designers
  • lack of marketing & promotion resources

Publishing process:  firstly write the manuscript after completing read it and analyze you are satisfy with your manuscript or not. It also requires editing and proofreading, so send it to a professional editor. They check very well your writing mistakes and edit it. And proofreaders correct spelling and grammatical error of your manuscript. If there is a lack of resources due to low budget, you can choose beta readers. The second step of the process is to select a cover design, and the last step before publishing is to check the format of the manuscript because every website accepts different format. You can check format for books and eBooks from online websites.  Now upload it for publishing on a website such as Amazon, etc.

Now come to the point Print on demand publishing. IT depends on what you want such as paperbacks and hardcover or digital book printing. Paperback and hardcover are a little bit expensive in comparison of digital book printing.

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