It wasn’t meant to be

, Poems

She was there, all the time

Before he can ask

Falling for him, she wasn’t aware

Whether he was using or beholding


He said and she hear

The amour was believed to be true

Her life was no less than a roller coaster

And he was her partner


Life was a beautiful rose

For the first time, ever

The smile was the brightest

Though the hardships were the toughest


Those rides and guides

Kisses and cuddles

Blushes and ecstasies

Were the precious and unparalleled


But the destiny had it for her

Good or bad is a mystery yet

He changed or was the same

The indifference prevailed


The devil smiled again

And this time she welcomed it with a smile

She waited and the soul teared apart

As the distance grew and he drifted away


Attitude have had it

She still waited

With the teary eyes

And the open arms


He was gone and so were her dreams

Gathering the courage and moments

She started again but not to shatter

The lesson was learnt and self-respect was kept


Not a word, not the voice

The heart was cold for all

No more invasion and drifts

It pained but she raised high