An investigation over Self Publishing India by OnlineGatha


Self-publishing India has really bad impression because of the fact that self-publishing means publishing without a filter. Though to some extent it is a fact as well that online book publishers do not filter manuscript but pick up each and every author. Does real success exists in this world or all become an author just for the sake of becoming one? What are the reality and real face of this world?

Before going deep into the world of self-publishing, let’s have a brief insight of publishing the world as a whole. Publishing can be of many types and each one of them have their share of positives and negatives, some famous pillars of it are:

  1. Traditional Publishing: While going with traditional publishing, an author has to compromise at various levels. For e.g., the theme of the book cover is decided by the publishing house. Minimal or absolutely no interference of the author is entertained in the process of the editing and designing. The author bears the burden of being disconnected with the script that had been written by him.
  2. Self-Publishing: It is further divided into sub-categories but in general author rules over the self publisher India. Self-publishing services include printing, marketing and distribution, cover designing, editing of the book and even typing the book as well if required.

With the changing world and society, publishing world has changed and a revolution has taken place. There are self-publishers who in order to boost up the authors moral and zest, provide extra services like book inauguration etc. Some of insanely famous and in trend Book publishing India to Self Publish in India are as follows:

  1. POD: Print on Demand gives the freedom of printing as per the demand of the book. It is one of the best examples of supply and demand chain. As demand of the book so is the supply and printing. The best face of print on demand is that author doesn’t need to pay huge production cost at a time. Also, this cost can be used for the marketing and promotions of the book.
  2. e-book Publishing: e-book can be published in many formats like .epub, kindle, PDF, .mobi etc. Books in digital formats are preferred over paperback and hardcovers as they are more handy and available at cheaper rate. Another important and fascinating fact about e-books are that you can have a gamut of books in smaller storage.
  • ISBN: As all the experts of literary world know that getting an ISBN is a hard nut to crack with the slow and lethargic pace of our government services. Almost all self publishing platforms provide ISBN to their authors. With the new criteria of getting ISBN, companies register themselves over the MHRD site and as they provide the details of title and book, ISBN is provided to them. ISBN is 13 digits unique code that is allotted to a particular book. The fact that any book with ISBN can be traced by this unique number even after years and ages of publishing grab the attention of one and all.