I will be me

, Poems

Serene were those days
When all dreams felt real
There were no fear
Of the uncertainty and failure

I miss the confidence and assurance
that resided with me and probably you as well
Of winning and conquering the dreams
without even a thought to fail

Impossible still isn’t a word
But there resides a fear now
Of getting hurt and being fooled
By the friends or by the destiny

I so wanted to be an adult
when the childhood embraced me
Oh! So right is the proverb
You value it when you lose it

As the life makes me face
The harsh and bitter reality
And as I see the cruelty
I want to change this brutality

The fact hit me hard
growing is nothing
but to lose the originality
from the selfless to selfish is the calamity

And then, there are ones like me
who are far away from the society
As they fail to accept and learn
the illogical and pathetic regularity

I be me, you be you
I won’t interfere unless you do
I am the best version of me
Yours is up to you