How Online Gatha Publishing Platform work

Onlinegatha Brought to you an immense source to get your E-Book Published online without any surprise or effort, you just need to click your mouse and you will become Self Publisher, Following are the methodologies followed to get his perfect:

  • Authors need to do a simple free registration.
  • Authors would submit the book in Word format.
  • We review the Book format and editorial part.
  • Authors can send their Book cover , choose cover from Onlinegatha Library or send the requirement to us to get the New cover designed from our expert designers.
  • Authors will assign the price to Book.
  • E-Book will be published free.
  • Book Printing depends on the order placed on our portal.
  • For each Book sold online, the Royalty will be evaluated and transacted to the respective authors.

Now the concept of self publishing is not conceiving any more, it has now become very popular among writers, demolishing the conventional publishing process through Monarch publishers.  Just few years before it was a myth that only a proper and fame owner can have their Books in the market, in spite of having skills and best pre Books many authors could never come to the frontline, But this tradition is no more… Now to get your EBook published you need not to get so much verified credentials, you are just a click away to explore the reader’s Eyes.

Challenges and Remedies: As we know the market strategy that without promotion and marketing few or nothing can be sold, similarly on the internet it is an imperative aspect of the strategy, so the book selling would prominently depend upon the Internet marketing and promotions, second thing matters How good ranked website you have chosen to get the Book Sold. So always go with the handsome vogue, take a good margin on your price including the marketing Price, because you have to pay for marketing and it matters for the Grand Booking of Your Books.