Get an ISBN for your book for free


If you are writer and want to get your book published then you got to know that one of the major and toughest part of it is to get an ISBN, i.e., International Standard Book Number. Now, the basic question that arises here is what is ISBN and what is the purpose and need of having an ISBN for your book. In general terminology, ISBN is a scannable barcode that embraces the back cover of all the book that are being printed nowadays.

Now, there are few more questions that may arise in your mind if you are going for self publishing the book, whether the free ISBN that are provided by the companies is as good as having your own ISBN number. Also, one of the frequently asked question is which re-seller offers lower price for a single number.

Without wasting much time lets see the basics and benefits of having this unique identifier and how is it beneficial for the self publishers.

 The main purpose behind creating the ISBN was to identify the stock. It was originated in United Kingdom and in the year 1970 it became an international standard to have a unique identifier for each version of the book published. It served the purpose really well for which it was created and that was to help search the book faster. The problem was that in that era internet was not there and it was a really tough job to find a particular book and the problem increases even more if the searcher doesn’t have full title of the book, edition and author’s information in hand. With ISBN number it became very easy to identify any book. Each edition, format or title has its own unique identifier code.
 Coincidentally, when ISBN came into the use at the same time computers were also becoming common. So, now you just need to type the specific ISBN code on Google search bar to get ll the desired information for a particular title.
 All the books that are supposed to be sold by retail channels must have ISBN number. Those books that are printed for private use or close distribution may not have the ISBN. For example, workbook given at seminars, manuals of a company, books used as giveaways etc.
 With a charge of nominal administrative fee you can have an ISBN for your book through Bowker. But the ISBN became a lot more expensive but easy to get with the advancement of self publishing instead of traditional printing of the book. Now a few re-sellers along with Bowker sells ISBN. For the first time, individual numbers are also available.
 Free identifiers are also being offered by few companies. A huge volume discount is offered by the Bowker and that is how many companies offer free ISBN. If you want to publish only one book, have no interest in starting a publishing company and have very tight budget then you are the perfect one who can go for the free ISBN. Self publishers can take benefit of it.

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