Friends Forever

, Stories

It was Monday, and the town school started as

usual. Ms Rose Marie entered the class. She was
a middle-aged lady, who taught children from
grades five to eight. Her way of teaching was
very unique. She explained every lesson with
some live examples. Students enjoyed her classes
and eagerly waited for that.
“Good morning, Mam,” the children greeted in
“Good morning, everyone”, Rose greeted them
“So how was your weekend?” Rose asked her
The children were over enthusiastic about their
answers and each narrated their own stories of
spending their time with family, some went for
bike ride around the town, some enjoyed
gardening with their parents. Rose listened to
them patiently. The interest that she showed in
the kids made her their most favorite teacher.
She was about to teach “The Epic of Gilgamesh”,
a Babylonian poem that is among the earliest
known literary works in history. It narrated the
friendship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu.When a student finished reciting one fourth of
the poem, she started to explain the general
idea that the poet wished to convey to the world
through his poem. Before she could finish, she
saw at the corner of the class, there was a hand
“Yes, Rivesh, may I know what your query is
about?” Rose asked.
“Pardon me Mam, if you feel I am wrong. I just
wanted to ask that do you really feel true
friendship exists? Did you ever see a never
ending bond between friends?”
Rose was taken aback by the question. It meant
she had to narrate a story, which she had buried
in her heart long time ago.
After pausing for a moment, she said, “Yes, I
have seen.”
“Please tell us.” The students requested her.
So Rose started speaking in a gentle voice. She
stared through the window for a minute before
she could meet the enthusiastic eyes of her
pupils.She said, “Children this is a true story, which
I myself have seen in my life.”
She started:
I was teaching in the small town of Bolivia, in
South America. At that time I taught students
from standard three to five. They were very
young and fresh, as you all are. The students
who came to the school were from families
belonging to average income group. One day, a family moved to the town. They looked
very affluent. They had a son who was around
seven years in age. He was very rude and
impolite. His parents moved here for their
professional reasons. Both of them were doctors
in the town’s famous hospital. So John moved
along with them here and was admitted to the
school, where I taught.
The first day he came, he broke one of the panes
of the classroom window. He fought with other
children, tore their shirts, pushed some, and
broke their belongings. This went on for a week.
We teachers thought that he would improve with
time. After every mischief, he was told not do
it, but there was no effect, no change in his
misdeeds. Later we thought to call on his parents, but
they seemed so busy, that they did not pay any
heed to our request.
This made me feel that due to lack of parental
care, he grew up in this way. I thought of
trying a new technique, in order to help John. I
made him sit beside the best boy in the class.
Martin was not only good in studies but also in
every thing he did. At the same time he was
extremely polite and modest.
The first day when John and Martin sat together,
John ate all of Martin’s lunch from his box. He
often used to do that and enjoyed when the other
person got annoyed or started to cry. But he was
shocked when Martin just smiled and said, “May I
have yours, I m hungry”. John was so spellbound
by his answer and the pleasant request, that he
opened his box and handed it over to him. The next day, John tore one of the pages of
Martin’s book, and he was sure that Martin
would now shout or start a fight with him. But
he was again taken by shock when Martin went to
the teacher to ask for glue tape to join the
page. He did not say a single harsh word to

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