Free to Publish E-Books with OnlineGatha

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Many FAQS we received about what we actually do and offer, we can simply reply we let you have a unique identity as author not only in India but over globe, we provide you vogue, we give you the worth’s of your words, we give you the recognition among the relishing readers, we fortify your writings providing you awesome feedbacks from readers and buyers. Now the next question we are being asked how we do it. Well the reply to this is also very simple, that is what Onlinegatha has been campaigning for years i.e. we have brought a platform in the form of website where the authors get free registration without any hidden charges and then authors are authenticated to access their profile and can cherish all stuffs posted by others and by himself/herself. This is fully socially embedded website where you can meet people with similar interest. Apart from all these you can Publish your Book here itself and the readers can buy them, the most imperative thing we would like to tell you all these all facilities are given with zero charge to you, after publishing your book you become a self publisher of your Ebook, in case any order is placed then we take this all responsibilities on our shoulder to perform all these work, you only have to manage your money what you would be earning as royalty from these Sold books.