EMI plans making self-publishing easier

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Self-publishing is no less than a revolution in the publishing world. A revolution for being freer alongside giving more control to the authors.

An insight of publishing at starting: Earlier, publishing was a hard nut to crack. There were lot many constraints imposed by traditional publishers like the manuscript was selected only if it is passed by the editor, the cover design as per the choice of the publisher instead of the author, the sale was decided by the publisher only.

Flaws in the traditional publishing:

  • If the editing team of the publisher doesn’t find the story of the book convincing and engaging enough, the script is rejected.
  • The editor can add or remove certain pieces from the script.
  • The editor or the editorial team of any publisher is just a group of people and they surely can’t represent the thoughts of entire nation or world, for that matters. What might be a waste thought for one can be a miracle and splendid idea for others.
  • There is no fix parameter for the selection of the script, no set format nothing, so it completely depends upon what the editor or editorial team likes or dislikes. This is also the most criticized parameter of the traditional publishing.
  • There is no profit sharing with the author, no matter how good or bad the sale of the book goes.

Pros of the traditional publishing:

  • They assure royalty. You need not pay for the publishing services in traditional publishing instead you get paid for it. They pay some percentage of the royalty in advance.
  • The sale of the book is more likely to be good.
  • The book reaches a larger audience.
  • The royalty is assured despite the sales.
  • The standard is maintained and most likely the book doesn’t have grammatical errors.

Flaws in the self-publishing:

  • The self-publishing doesn’t gives royalty on per book sale. This can be a boon as well if the sale of your book is good.
  • While providing freedom to interfere in the process of publishing, at times, the content of the book isn’t perfectly framed as the author refuses to listen to the editor.
  • Moreover, if you do not choose the publisher wisely, you need to take responsibility for the grammatical mistakes in the script.
  • It requires you to invest in the publishing services.

Pros of the Self-publishing:

  • The self-publishing allows you to live the process of the publishing.
  • From the cover to the editing of the book everything involves you. This even gives you the freedom to have the cover and design of the book as you like it to be.
  • Also, the growing self-publishers like ONLINEGATHA are coming up with new ideas to make the publishing easier for you.
  • The new EMI services launched by Onlinegatha, allows the writers to be an author without getting worried about the payments as the low instalments make it less worrisome.