Dissolving the entices of the mysterious ISBN

ISBN, International Standard Book Number, a unique code provided to your book which makes it yours for years and generations to come. An ISBN not only registers the title and script of your book to your name but also ensures the enrolment of the cover page of your book by its name.

Recently, Raja Rammohun Roy, the concerned authority for allotting the ISBN in India, has matched the steps with our PM in conquering the digital world. Publisher, author or any common name can now avail the ISBN by logging in the government website for issuing the ISBN, viz., http://isbn.gov.in/

Filling in the necessary details like the name of the author, description of the book and the title of the book and cover page of the book etc. you can apply and get an ISBN for your book. Now, it is really easy for any author and individual to get an ISBN for his/her book.

ISBN invaded the world in the 21st century along with the invasion of the computers as it was getting harder to manage the lot of books printed and published worldwide, every year. The authorities then decided to allot a particular number for a book in order to get it a recognition worldwide. This led to the birth of the ISBN which is specific for a book.

If you are getting book series published in say five volumes then if all the five volumes are to be sold together then they can bear one common ISBN else they need to have separate ISBN each.

Similarly, while re-publishing a book, if the cover design or the content go through significant editing then a fresh ISBN is needed. Moreover, if you change your publisher then the ISBN needs to be changed as well.

Furthermore, one title may have different ISBNs as well. If your book is published in an ebook, paperback and hardcopy, each can have their separate ISBNs.

To eliminate the hassles you may also approach publishing houses for the services of editing, typing, cover designing of your book. These publishing houses not only edit, type, design cover and distribute your book but also get you the ISBNs for you. ISBNs are allotted to the publishing houses by Raja Rammohun Roy institute for each and every title and cover they work up on.

It is much easier to get an ISBN from the publishers instead of availing it yourself as you not only are escaped from the hassles of dropping the queries and following up with the officials to get the ISBN but follow your publisher only and get all the tasks for your book done along with the ISBN.