Bursting the Modi Wave

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Amresh Misra’s book decoding Modi Wave comes at the most opportune moment
The book by Amresh Misra cannot have come at a more opportune moment than 2019
General Elections. The book intensively analyzes the so-called Modi Wave in understanding the
BJP’s clean sweep in many elections.

While analyzing the Modi wave, Mr. Misra also discusses the reasons and effects of BJP losing
recent elections in five assembly states. In essence, Mr. Misra demonstrates that the so-called
Modi wave was basically the result of years of work by ground level RSS workers and what has
been portrayed as Modi wave is now all over. Instead, as of now, the wave is flowing in the
opposite direction rather in favor of the Modi government. He points out that people of the
country have become weary of empty promises and useless dramas. In the name of
development, the BJP government has only increased violence, disruption, unemployment and
anarchy in the country.

Also, in his book, “The anti-wave: Secret Story of Modi’s 2019 Defeat”, he portrays that every
section of the society, whether it be farmers, industrialists, soldiers, students or job seekers all
have lost faith in the Modi government. As such, instead of being a Modi wave, there is an
anti-Modi wave in the country, which will become the cause of BJP’s loss in the 2019 elections.
More than once, the book attempts to prove that winnings of BJP were all the result of
propaganda built around fear, hate, and false promises and that propaganda is not working

The book implores the people of the country to come together and defeat the forces of division,
fear, and corruption. The elections of 2019 are not just the elections about deciding which party
will rule the country, but it is more about which way the country wants to progress. It is about
deciding the direction or course of movement of the country for the next decade. The book is
indeed a masterpiece in terms of demystifying election results and determining the election
results prematurely. The book can be accessed on Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, and Online