Best Marketing Hacks For Fabricating Maximum Buzz

There are several parts involved in book publishing in India. From writing an appealing extraordinary story to market it in a way that it reaches large audience, all are sturdy job. Book marketing plays vital role in success of a book. Until and unless you cover huge audience, no matter how well you write, you can never be successful. Authors who taste the success have a well planned marketing strategy. With the invasion of internet, authors now have more options and opportunities to promote their book. If one uses this platform cleverly and in a right way, he is bound to be successful provided your story has the potential as well. Each and every step in book publishing in India has it’s own importance. Authors try lot of things to promote their book. Launch parties, guest posts, promotions on podcasts and conferences and lot more. Here, we will discuss today what is the best and effective way to promote your book.

LinkedIn is something that has potential to blow all your past strategies out of the water. You can also use LinkedIn for increasing traffic on your blog. It opens the door for the farthest opportunities of exposure. It helps in building great relationships. It can just flood you with ideas that can help you to spread words about your book. The sooner you start, the better results you get. It works damn well for coaches, small businesses, consultants and authors.

  1. Never chase your audience- The most common mistakes that one do while marketing online is choosing wrong audience and the other one is not being active enough on LinkedIn. You must have collected a bunch of followers, contacts and friends online but may be most of them were not the best audience for your book. Unless and until you make efforts beyond inviting random contacts and friends to join you, you will get low results. Instead of collecting numbers you should shift your market strategy purely on best audience for your book. This might sound little weird but this is the best way to attract the specific audience to your site.
  1. Keep an eye on your strategies- You need to keep a check each month, if your strategy of social media marketing is working. You need to be in constant touch with the targeted audience through posts and stay engaged with your group there. Do not break contact from your audience for months or weeks and expect that they will still be waiting for you. LinkedIn brings quality traffic to your website, if you are smart enough you can make the best use of it. You also need to observe your target audience. You need to check for how long do they visit your website? How many pages they actually look at? How many of them have a look at your page or product? This research will help you in deciding which action can bring you quality audience and which marketing strategy is worth paying for. You can use Google analytic tool on your website to get a deep insight of your audience.
  1. Pay attention on your posts- Some specific audience might be there which reads only your articles, books and posts but their will be some who come from free reports. Make those posts which can help visitors with book publishing, self publishing or social media marketing. This will draw the attention of target audience towards your website. Being in touch and giving something new and interesting to your audience, keeps them engage and interested in your sites and works.
  1. Edit your profile- Check your profile on LinkedIn and edit it. You might have joined LinkedIn and made a short profile thinking not to waste time on social media but i would suggest you to give time to LinkedIn. It won’t be a waste instead you will be happy about it afterwards. Be sure that it engages your profile visitors. Show them reasons for buying your book. Present your views in such a way that it can convince the audience without making them feel that you are just trying to sell your book. Do not start too many sentences with ‘I’. It sounds self serving. You can use the word ‘YOU’. Write your blogs and posts from ‘YOU’ point of view. It makes the audience feel this is for their benefit and it also sounds as if you are talking to them rather than trying to make your benefit out of them. Do not forget to add recommendations at the top of profile page as they sell book.
  1. Marketing in groups- Join groups that are linked with your book or skills that you need. You should join at least five to ten such groups. Keep searching and adding groups that you find fit for your book marketing. You can find these groups easily by using search terms such as ‘book writing’ or ‘LinkedIn strategies’ etc. Know at least top five benefits of your book and put them on your profile or mention them in groups. These things just add up in grabbing attention of your target audience. If the audience notices that things featured in your book clicks with them, they are more likely to buy your book. Doesn’t matter what genre your book belongs to as in every genre there are few things that makes the book extra ordinary.
  1. Make efforts- Never join the group just for the sake of joining it. Once you join a group, request for the weekly mails so that you know what is happening. You need to know what discussions are going on and if they are related to your requirements then do not hesitate in making comments that can be useful for your book as well as related to the discussion. Each time you comment everyone in the group notices you and also they get to know your point of view and perspective. This is a great exposure and can give you loads of target audience. You can even contact few persons in the group through personal mails. This can eventually lead to increased sale of your book.
  1. Patience is the key to success- Understand that getting the sale takes at least three to seven steps. Do not be in hurry and start shouting to buy your book on websites and groups. Actually, there is no need of it. Readers can see your profile, pictures and the work that you do, if they are interested then they will contact you. They can even directly go and search for your books if they find your posts and work on your profile interesting. So, you need not to force or shout at them to buy your books. You can never force your audience to do so.
  1. Never sell your book- All you need to do is to get the audience curious about your book. Give them blurb or a short segment of your book through posts and you will see that those who are interested will definitely contact you and ask more about your work and books. Never bombard your audience with comments or posts. Make one or two comments, at a time in one group and one or two posts weekly is enough on your profile. You can also offer link to your blog that has content related to your book. All these strategies help you in finding audience that are of your interest.

When you make profile in LinkedIn and see it’s feature, you will come to know that it provides more ways to interact with the audience than other social media.

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