Are you a new author and searching for a book publisher in india?

In this article  you are going to find everything you need to know about finding a perfect book publisher for your first book you are looking to let your readers reach out.

You might be seldom bored of being rejected with some of the traditional book publishers in India , like penguin publisher  and Macmillan publisher India , the reason behind is very simple they do not let the new authors come and get through them because of their so called publishing parameters are bound to be very obstructive for the new authors , every time you submit your script to them out of 100 times 95 times you will have a reply rejecting your manuscript.

So where to go and whom to contact to help you out in releasing your first book ?

Before I answer to this question I would like to cover some important facts about online book publishers and traditional book publishers.

As a new author I would like you to understand that there is a big difference between online book publishers and traditional offline book publishers  and would suggest you to choose various online book publishers available  in India which in turns save your lot of money and help you get published in quick time span. Online book publishers also sometimes called as self  book publishers , eBook publishers, online eBook publishers , free eBook publishers , free book publishers etc work differently as compared to most traditional offline publishers, the most important part of their book publishing is that they work on print on demand objective by which you never have to print inventory of 400 or 500 copies for your book and waste your money in conserving that inventory for your future sales which you will never have without a smart business investment or strategy  , by print on demand you will save a lots of money which you can invest in embarking the sales of  your book which will add a lot of asset to your first book.

Secondly , the online book publishers provide huge royalty as compared to traditional book publishers.The self publishing by itself means publishing your books free of cost. YES you are right you can publish your books absolutely free with some good self book publishing publications like and , the self publishing cost is absolutely zero but if you choose to proceed with self publishing then make sure you have got a decent cover , a presentable manuscript , a fully proof manuscript which your readers will read without any interference from the publishers since you are not paying them anything from the pocket , you must be smart enough to decide whether to proceed with paid publishing packages of publishers or to proceed with self publishing.

I will be writing a separate article about comparison between online book publishers and traditional book publishers in our next article.

Now coming to the same question again on which I left out and i.e how to find your first book publisher ?

The answer is pretty simple go to internet and google for the list of book publishers in India you will a huge list containing the technical book publisher , school book publishers , fiction book publishers , Hindi book publishers or the other you might be looking for.

Please pay attentions to the publisher presence in the market while you finally choose to go around for publishing your book because your one mistake can simply let you down in various causes for your first book launch.

You can decide the publisher quality on various parameters such as the overall website of the publisher , authors feedback regarding them , overall feedback on Facebook and other social engines , the packages they are offering , the services they are offering , how many books they have published till now , are their books available in the Indian online market and various other questions you can think of ,  do talk with their publishing consultants know about the turn around time for publishing and please ask them whatever you want to and just do not blindly believe on what the publisher says be an active individual and search about every aspect of book publishing and once you find everything satisfying you in most prospects you can then say yes to your best suitable publisher .


Below adding some of the best self publication houses and online book publishers in India which you can always refer to while choosing your publishers  :









9) (amazon self publishing unit)


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