Are Self Book Publishers Harming Financially To The Traditional Publishers In India

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Self book publishing has grown exponentially in the past few years but still 60% of the writers are not aware of the self publishing facts in India so it depends on which side you are a part of.

Self book publishing has vastly helped the young and the newbies to come up and let their work explore to the world of readers. They have given every author a belief that your write-ups can also be a part of  this huge internet protocols of eBook publishing. As author you now do not have to wait for the replies from the publishers and you can yourself now indulge into the cover designing , editing and submitting the book for approval to get it published.

Earlier, publishing the book was the dream come true. These days with the rise of laptops,computers, lap tab and the launch of self publication houses like OnlineGatha, it is easier for any author to publish their own book. The best part of these publication houses is that you do not have to make huge investments and the hard copies are made only on demand. Further, the book will be available to the readers online.

But here is the big question how many of self published authors make money or in simple words do self published authors make money at all ?

There are some real facts from the reports of Huffingtonpost

– For new, young authors less than 25% are able to sell more than 100 copies of their eBooks in a month.

– Close to 50% of all authors sell less than 10 eBooks per month.

So overall it justifies a very important answer to a question I raised above that its not at all surprising that why authors are not just relying on their book writing skills to server their livelihood and I guess you know the answer now.

It’s not surprising to see online book publishing in India feeling the heat of being abused for not being professionals in their part.

So what to do when you are self publishing a book in India??

 1)Once your manuscript is ready, give the manuscript to your friends and relatives. As themfor their genuine feedback on the book and most importantly be open to the negative comments also.

2)You must hire the editor or the proof-reader, who can give the reading to your manuscript and make the changes accordingly.

3)You must choose the right publishing house for your book. As there are many publishing houses which make the fake promises but the OnlineGatha has most satisfied writers so choosing it will give you the value for money.

4) You must narrate your manuscript because a large majority of slush pile manuscripts are discarded from online book publishers in india simply because they’re not ready. Also a important question that what are things required for traditional  book publishers like penguin publisher india , macmillan publisher india , fiction book publishers in india ,school book publishers in india, hindi book publishers in india  , technical book publisher in indiaetc.

Here is a brief check list to make once you are moving to self publications :

 Check that your chapters are correctly numbered/titled.

  • Read through each at least three times changing any incorrect punctuation ,grammar and sentence construction.
  • Be on the lookout for past tense and present tense errors (editors hate these.)
  • When you read each chapter, try reading out loud imagining that you are at a book signing in a big store. This will make you more aware of mistakes.

Try vdeoing yourself reading your work. Then play it back and listen to it with a critical ear.

  • Have you eliminated all unnecessary characters, plotlines and words? Remove anything unnecessary to the story as you need it to move fairly swiftly or you will most likely lose your reader.
  • Never assume it’s ready just because you finished retelling the story that was in your head.

What about what might be in the readers head? Did you communicate the story that you conceived, well? Or will the reader be left with more questions than answers? Think about the connection points between events and characters. They need to be clear and well timed.

Maybe the protagonist needs introduced at an earlier stage? Maybe you need to hint at the motives of the main villain or round out the character of the heroines love interest? Make them see what you see.

  • Remember he or she probably has thousands of potential novels lying on their desk. Make yours STAND OUT. Do not have excessively long introductory chapters or opening paragraphs.

Use your words like bullets or arrows. Use them to drive home your point quickly and efficiently. Grab their attention. Do not say in twenty words what could be said in ten.

  • Beware of changing styles part way through. Be consistent. If you have chosen a character driven plot or a story driven plot, ensure that you have stuck to that. Changing part way through will muddy the waters and annoy your reader. The same goes for your writing style. If you start out descriptive, stick to it. If you narrate, narrate.

Here I am providing you a list of certain book publishers in india :

1) OnlineGatha








9) (amazon self publishing unit)