An epitome of intelligence India was blessed with…

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I thought a lot before penning this down. I thought as a beginner in the writing field with merely 4 years of experience, my pen doesn’t have the power to write about such a brilliant personality. Finally, I got to the conclusion that no matter whether experienced or not, every writer will think twice before writing about him. Not because writers are any less but because of the kind of personality he is. I seek his apology if I make any mistake.

APJ Abdul Kalam, the renowned scientist and people’s president of India. His name is the symbol of intelligence and talent. He is a person who dedicated his entire life to India and its development. No president, till date, got so much love and appreciation as he does and he so deserves it. The freedom that the presidential house felt during his tenure was incredible, every when has the right to express. He would ask for suggestions and people had freedom to deny. He would happily accept it and discuss it afterwards. Such a healthy and encouraging environment, isn’t?

His projects, Nandi, SLV-III and many more speed up the success of not only ISRO but rocket science in India.  India would never be at this height in science and research had it not been blessed with this epitome of intelligence. He gave a new meaning to the so called ‘workaholics’. He defined them as passionate brains whose only happiness is success of their work.

Not only professional but his personal life is no less an inspiration too. Loss of the closed ones including parents before they could see his success could have left anyone broken. But his was the heart of brave and he stood up brave after every failure and loss. He accepted all good and bad that life gave and kept on setting new goals for himself.