Amir Khan’s PK out to break all records this year

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PK is all situated to hit the theaters in the not so distant future and industry individuals are certain it will virtuoso in front of kick and HNY.

2014 has been an astonishing year as far the movies records are concerned. Initially it was Salman Khan, who crushed all the records with kick. At that point it was Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Yeat that profited in the cinema world. Also now its Aamir Khan’s promising new film, PK, which will surpass the records of both kick and Happy New Year.

Actually, we aren’t stating that. It’s the executive of Kick, Sajid Nadiawala, who has admitted this as of late.

“PK will definatel out-separation Kick. The accumulations of PK will be amazing. With my many years of involvement in film creation i can feel it. I feel no misgiving or envy in saying PK will greater than Kick. This is a reasonable as well as an enthusiastic reaction. I’m an enormous aficionado of Raju Hirani’s silver screen. I need PK to break records” said Sajid Nadiawala.

Sajid has been delivering motion pictures since the time that he has been in the business, yet he made his directorial presentation with Kick. The movie producer is likewise up-beat about Happy New Year, “I completely delighted in the film. I’m exceptionally pleased with my rakhi-sister Farah Khan. Individuals keep forgettin I am a debutant executive. Contrasted with me Farah and Raju are veterans. What’s more still Kick is generally discussed simultaneously as their movies then I’ve a ton to be content about.”

That being said, that is Sajid being unassuming. Anyway let us know what do you think. Will PK surpass the movies records of Kick and Happy New Year ??