“Ajay Kumar Rana” Life and Times of Cultural India

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“Rudra- The king of Kings” brings to us the dilemma of human nature whether to follow the
age-old custom or break free all the chains to freedom and independence. The story, in essence, illustrates the will power of a person to overcome all odds to define his life and fate.

Undoubtedly, the story is a great motivating force for all those who suffer under the bondage of
customs and traditions.

The story depicts the inherent differences in the Indian political system, which basically can be
divided into two categories- Democracy and Monarchy. In his attempt to outline the differences
and portray the very nature of the two systems, Ajay Kumar Rana has brought out a terrific story
in the background of an ancient Indian kingdom, wrapped under the cocoons of customs and
traditions. Mr. Rana’s imagination is beyond a normal storyteller in that he attempts to integrate
and outline the differences between democracy and monarchy at the same time.

Taking a cue from ancient Indian history, Mr. Rana has beautifully portrayed that ancient Indian
kingdoms have largely followed the democratic structure in their governance and in that rule
they have brought peace and prosperity to their kingdoms. In defining the character of ancient
Indian kingdom, Mr. Rana has highlighted our cherished past characterized by love and

In the light of the critical issue that the book touches, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it as The King
of all Books.

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