7 Tips for effective Writing of Book

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Many of you out there would be wanting to become a writer and may be some of you must have even tried writing but never gather the confidence to get it published or may be you did not get any book publisher or Ebook publisher. You need not to be a good writer all you need to do is to be an efficient writer. The definition of good writing depends on the quality of writing you want and type of writing you are going for but efficient writing is to get the work done, straight and simple.

  1. Practice makes a man perfect: Follow this famous rule and practice your craft. Daily practicing can improve you to the level you have never imagined. Try writing at least 500 words daily. This will make you learn from your own mistakes and will open your mind for more creative writing and you can see drastically magical change in your writing very soon. And you can have countless line of book publishers outside your house.:)
  1. Give yourself challenges: Do write topic that are of your interest but do not forget to dabble in new stuffs. The more you reach out of your comfort zone, the more you grow. Never limit yourself to a particular genre. Try new writing style and genre and explore.
  1. Give it a touch of you: Learn from others but do not imitate anyone. Be yourself and understand that every writer has his own way of writing and every writer is unique in their own way. Writing cannot be put in limits of imitating others writing style. Writing gives you all the space and freedom to be yourself and give your touch to it.
  1. Do not be an idiot: Writing do gives you freedom and space but then also you cannot do grammatical errors. Your writing is not only for yourself but also for all your audience. You have responsibility of giving them a writing which is a free of grammatical errors. Master your art and write like a pro.
  1. Take small steps: Never jump when you are learning something. Take small steps and try your best to learn or at least try every part of it. I know every writer has a dream of writing a book but also you will want your book to be a perfect one. So, firstly write some articles, blog, magzines, journals and after that consider a book. This will help you improve your writing and you will be able to write your book more efficiently. This will also boost up your confidence and spirit.
  1. Never give up: When you walk, you fall. But you continue walking again. Sometimes you may feel that your writing is pathetic and is going nowhere. This is a part of journey. Trust yourself and never give up. In fact, write even more in those moments and you will come up with flying colors. Grilling makes the diamond shine even more. So, don’t be scared of grilling.
  1. Learn to give a pitch to your piece: Without proper marketing even the best of writing and writer can be overlooked. But once you have learned to write effectively, you need not to worry about it. As now a days, with online marketing things have become even more easier. And we at onlinegatha.com are always here to help you out. You can visit our site and also contact us for publishing and marketing your hard work. We are ebook publisher, book publisher and we market your work too.